Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So this is a list of the current pieces of hardware that we have been given for our test setup.

Windows 2008 System (x4):

IBM Netvista 6826-KMM
- 2.20ghz Intel Celeron
- 40gb IDE HDDs
- 512mb DDR-266
- Intel 10/100 Pro Network (onboard)

Windows Vista System (x1):

Custom Built ATX Tower
- 3.4ghz Intel Pentium 4
- 80gb SATA HDD
- 2048mb DDR-400
- 100mbit onboard network

Other hardware:
- ATEN "Master View" 4-Port KVM
- Netgear FS108 8-Port 100mbit switch
- HP L1706 17" LCD (Running on KVM)
- IBM E74 17" CRT (Running on Client)
- PS2 Keyboard and Mouse x2

To come:
- Some form of a Cisco router.

What we have been given:
- 1x RJ45 Cat5 cable which has access to the internet via it.

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