Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update time

Well, what a last few weeks its been. Lots of changes to our base setup, new computers arrived and new hardware :)

So heres the run down.

New Computers

We received 4 new machines which are all faster and newer than what we peviously got given.

They consist of:
  • IBM Thinkcentre
  • 2.8ghz Pentium 4
  • 1gb DDR-400 Ram
  • 40GB HDD
  • Intel Pro-1000 Network
These have all been installed, and replaced each of the older celeron computers.

There is still only 4 servers in total.

New Cisco Hardware

All of our Cisco hardware is now in place.

We have the following:

1x Cisco 1841 Router
1x Cisco 2950 Switch
1x Cisco 1131 Access Point

We have configured the Router for Network Address Translation so that we could implement DHCP from within our network.

So the network topology is like this:

Internet (RJ45) -> FE 0/1 Router then from Router1 FE0/0 it goes into FA0/1 on Switch1.

This is all that has been configured at this stage, so all ports on the switch are in the same VLAN and get DHCP from Omega.


So each device has been given a name.

The servers from Bottom to top are named
  • Omega
  • Swiss
  • Rolex
  • Seiko
The router has been called 'R1', The switch has been called 'S1' and finally the Access Point has been called 'AP1'. Yes very imginitive, but it makes life easier in console to have a shorter name :)

The domain that we have setup will be adelaide.coffee.com.au .


We decided on the 172.16.x.x range for our network as it is not as widely used as 10.x.x.x and 192.168.0.x, so it makes it a little more secure.

So the following has been decided for the different subnets

HR / Payroll
  • Using /27
  • Using /27
Office Workers
  • Using /27
Guests / Cafe Users
  • Using /25
Network Admins / Servers
  • Using /28

For the servers and devices in the Network Admins / Servers subnet we have decided on the following statically assigned IPs

  • Router (R1) - (Mac: 00-1C-F6-33-4F-E0)
  • Omega - (Mac: 00-0D-60-91-3A-59)
  • Swiss - (Mac: 00-0D-60-25-1B-5B)
  • Seiko - (Mac: 00-0D-60-91-31-EF)
  • Rolex - (Mac: 00-0D-60-92-57-E9)
  • Switch (S1) - (Mac: 00-0B-Be-19-6D-80)
  • Access Point (AP1) - (Mac: 00-1D-A1-EF-13-26)
The remaining IP's in the Server subnet will be for administrator computers, which will be assigned via DHCP.


There are 4 servers to ensure the load is evenly distributed as they are not the latest and greatest systems for what we are doing.

The roles have been assigned as the following:
  • Omega - Domain Controller / Radius Authentication / VPN Terminator / DNS / DHCP
  • Swiss - Exchange 2007 / Domain Controller
  • Rolex - Website / FTP / File Server
  • Seiko - Firewall / IDS / Squid Proxy

in conclusion, we have completed quite a bit mainly on the role assigning and addressing side of things, but we have set a good grounding for the setup of the equiptment and will be implementing some of it this week!

Till next time.

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