Friday, December 2, 2011

Time Lapse Project

I recently stumbled across the CHDK website < > and started to get interested in just how easy it was to turn a normal Point and Shoot camera into a Time Lapse beast!

I've previously shot my time lapses with a web cam hooked up to a computer:

Then I wanted greater quality, so I purchased an Intervalometer and Power Adaptor for my Canon EOS 400D:

It got my thinking... just how far could I go with my love of Time Lapse.

To produce a good time lapse video, you require plenty of SD card space (Or hdd space), continuous power, a camera in a fixed position and.. time!

So a regular Point and Shoot camera can't really give you plenty of SD Card space or continuous power.. until I realised Canon produce Power Adaptors for some of their Point and Shoot range!

Of course, until I purchased a camera, all of this was just ideas.

Then someone posted for sale, second hand, a Canon IXUS 80 IS for $45!

I did some research and found out it was indeed compatible with the Canon AC ADAPTER KIT ACK-DC10. Half my issue solved!

Here it is, in all its used beauty :)

Now on to finding out how to load the CHDK firmware on... stay tuned.

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